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Our Professional Marine Inspections and Consultations provide vessel owners with services tailored for their specific needs.

A quick review to help our client decide whether to continue in the pursuit of a vessel purchase or potential project.

PRE-PURCHASE SURVEY:  A detailed inspection of the vessel and its equipment to determine its condition and value, followed by a concise, easy to read written Report, thus enabling the buyer to make an informed purchase decision.

PRE-ACCEPTANCE SURVEY:  A new boat is not free of defects. Identifying these defects prior to acceptance helps avoid the usual hassle and backlog of extensive warranty issues. This is done before title passes and the final payment is made.

RE-INSURANCE SURVEY:  This survey focuses on the issues important to your marine insurance underwriter, and is required to maintain marine insurance.

VALUATIONS:  Condition and Value Reports for customs, estate, divorce, tax  and settlement  purposes.   
To verify the quality, progress and completion of a repair or refit project.

DAMAGE INSPECTION:  When an incident does occur, it is prudent for the vessel owner to hire a marine expert. This service provides an advocate who identifies all items requiring repair, and informs the repair facility, the insurance company and/or the attorney involved of all damages and what is required to properly address them.

We are experienced in all types and sizes of pleasure and commercial vessels.

We have unique expertise in dealing with one-of-a-kind vessels.

We are conversant with all types  of  construction or repairs to steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood vessels and their inter-related mechanical and electrical systems.

Do you have a special project? A complicated re-power? A conversion? A major refit? Special new construction?

We welcome projects which require the successful coordination of different disciplines, keeping the focus on the project's completion. 

Call us ANYTIME. 

Our rates are competitive and our service is expedient and ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL.